CDOT is planning to spend Billions to replace and expand the I-70 1960s viaduct and replace it with a 2-mile, 23 lane "Ditch" through Central Denver's 80216 zip code, the most polluted zip code in the entire country and a known Superfund site. 

All Coloradans will pay for it! 50% of Bridge Fund will go to these 2 miles for 34 years. The highway will displace over 5% of an 84% Latino community.

Colorado legislators are attempting to raise taxes in order to backfill any of the federal funding not available for this project. Only toll lane or "managed" capacity will be added. 

The community has several lawsuits in motion to stop this project (one agains EPA, one agains City of Denver, and another challenging the National Environmental Protection Act). We are building a community of thinkers and supporters who envision better transportation solutions for Denver and Colorado.

At critical moments like this, we have the opportunity to help not only the people living in Globeville, Elyria and Swansea but to serve as a voice of the people in Denver. This issue is far reaching. Our win on this issue will send a clear message to those in power that the real power is in the hands of the people of this state.

We need to Ditch the Ditch. We need to win on this! With your support we will!

Thank you.




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